Announcement for CPRAS

Card Processing Advisory Service

Announcement for CPRAS

August 20, 2018 Uncategorized 0


We are proud to announce the first spin out venture from the CPRAS incubator. 

As payment specialists, we ensure that we are at the forefront of emerging technologies. We had been monitoring the development of blockchain technology for some time – and getting frustrated that, despite it’s clear potential, actual solutions were non-existent for so long. 


Being so heavily involved in finding payment solutions for local government, we attended key tech expos hoping to find revolutionary blockchain applications that we could introduce to our clients. 


In June 2017, Solace (the Society of Local Government Chief Executives) held an Innovation Forum for business partners. At the event, Jo Millar (Solace President and CEO of Doncaster Council) presented some of the social justice challenges that local government face, and challenged us to find real solutions that would help to fix a socio-economic model that is failing at least 30% of our communities (those of us who are living in poverty). 


It was very clear that, whilst the kind of blockchain applications that were called for do not yet exist, the demand for them is fever-pitched. 

ethecal is the response to the Solace challenge. 

In the 13 months since the Solace challenge, CPRAS have developed and tested a development roadmap that will reverse the vicious circle of poverty that so cruelly traps so many people even in a supposedly wealthy country like the UK. 

Exploitative pre-paid meters and Payday Loans are firmly in ethecal‘s sights as it develops real solutions for a fairer society.