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Compare your payment processing with the best-in-class ecosystems with the help from our expert advisors. Here at CPRAS, our aim is to ensure your company stays ahead in the complex area of payment processing, and as the original designers of the software used to calculate 30% of all debit and credit card transactions in the UK, our expert advisors capably find the best deals available. At CPRAS, we pride ourselves on delivering all clients with a transparent, cost-effective service, and our impressive client base is testament to our success. Serving the public and private sectors, we provide a range of card payment advisory services. 

Our service is designed to help you compare your Payment Processing with the best-in-class ecosystems, enabling you to choose freely from the open marketplace. Being independent from software, out-sourcing or banking organisation means we can match your needs to what’s available now and what’s coming next. 

We understand the pressures on Public and Private organisations to reduce cost and comply with increased legislation including Data Protection. Our service helps you navigate through the complexities of Data Protection. To put it simply, our service is easy to access and pays for itself! 


A few things we’re great at

Below are some of our services, clink the links below for further information

Hospitality and Leisure

With a wealth of experience in helping businesses compare the market, we provide a cost comparison report to help you decide which supplier is best for your business.



As trusted advisors for tavel operators, we have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the sector.



Our expert advisors fully understand how important it is for local councils to reduce costs, raise revenue, and protect data.



Covering all aspects of Payment Processing, our team of dedicated advisors provide you with the knowledge you need to take control and stay ahead of competition.


The CPRAS Team

Below you will find some information, and contact details, for our main CPRAS representatives.

Richard Hallewell

Co-Founder & CEO
Richard is an innovator at heart. He loves to invent new approaches & make connections that others have not seen. Richard’s style is collaborative based on a genuine appreciation of the views, ideas or concerns of the people around him.

Graham Hallewell

Founder & CEO
Graham has operated successfully at every level of business. His resilience, determination and experience inspire the team.

Andy Flavell

Andy is an extremely successful sales professional within several areas of the Financial Services sector.

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